hand tool

hand tool
a tool used with workers' hands (Freq. 2)
Hypernyms: ↑tool
awl, ↑bevel, ↑bevel square, ↑bodkin, ↑threader, ↑crank, ↑starter, ↑dibble, ↑dibber, ↑file, ↑float, ↑plasterer's float, ↑graver, ↑graving tool, ↑pointel, ↑pointrel, ↑gutter, ↑hammer, ↑hand shovel, ↑marlinespike, ↑marlinspike, ↑marlingspike, ↑miter box, ↑mitre box, ↑opener, ↑pallet, ↑pestle, ↑pick, ↑pincer, ↑pair of pincers, ↑tweezer, ↑pair of tweezers, ↑pipe cutter, ↑pitchfork, ↑plane, ↑carpenter's plane, ↑woodworking plane, ↑pliers, ↑pair of pliers, ↑plyers, ↑plumber's snake, ↑auger, ↑plunger, ↑plumber's helper, ↑ravehook, ↑sandblaster, ↑saw, ↑scraper, ↑screwdriver, ↑shovel, ↑soldering iron, ↑spatula, ↑spreader, ↑square, ↑straightedge, ↑tire iron, ↑tire tool, ↑trowel, ↑weeder, ↑weed-whacker, ↑wire stripper, ↑wrench, ↑spanner
Part Meronyms: ↑handle, ↑grip, ↑handgrip, ↑hold

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any tool or implement designed for manual operation.

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n. a tool held in the hand and operated without electricity or other power

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noun, pl ⋯ tools [count]
: a small tool (such as a hammer or wrench) that usually does not use electricity

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